Calvin + Adriana


Yamileth single handedly saved our wedding. My fiancé and I were planning everything ourselves, while working and buying our first home. We had so much going on and it was so hard to keep it all straight, while trying to enjoy engaged life. Luckily, we were put in touch with Yamileth and after one conversation we knew we wanted to work with her. She was responsive, kind and had a lot of experience with weddings. We were always hesitant to bring on any help because we didn't think we could afford it and we also wanted everything to be exactly as we wanted. We found out that Yamileth had extremely competitive prices. More importantly, she took a look at everything we had planned and made suggestions and recommendations based on her experience, but did not try to change the look or feel that we had planned.

Leading up to the wedding, Yamileth took care of everything. It not only helped me stay sane and not become a bride-zilla, but it helped give me time to just be in the moment and enjoy my family and friends that were coming into town. She confirmed with all of the vendors, made sure everyone was paid when they needed to be and went out of help us coordinate with the venue to get our decor there. Since she also works with a rental company, she was able to coordinate very closely with them to ensure we got everything delivered and assembled the exact way we wanted it.

On the day of the wedding, I was able to rest assured knowing she was taking care of everything and when I finally got ready and walked into my venue, everything was just as we had wanted it. Yamilth took the extra time and care to arrange things to make sure they looked pretty and coordinated with all of our vendors to make sure they were in the right place at the right time. She even brought my husband and I a plate of dinner when the dinner started so we got to actually eat at our wedding. I don't know about you, but I always heard that you never got a chance to enjoy dinner at your wedding! But thanks to Yamileth, we had a few minutes to ourselves with food plated for us and our bottle of champagne and champagne flutes an all ready to go! The only thing I regret is not hiring Yamileth earlier. Thank you Yamileth!!


Coordinator: Yamileth Cabrera (Photo Magic by Yami)

Rentals: Smart Party Rents

Florist: Village Florist

Caterer: Stone Fire Grill

Cake: Jaime's Cakes

Videographer: Feather Lee films

Photographer: Jon McKee